Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Paying gig

I mentioned that I haven't had any time to work on ArdweeNET lately because someone decided I was worth paying to do some design work...go figure.

Anyway here's a pic of the board I designed for them.

I did almost all of the schematic design as well as all of the PCB layout. It has all sorts of goodies like Ethernet, GSM, microSD, Arduino Mega compatible etc etc. There are two boards that connect with a ribbon cable and are housed in a DIN rail enclosure. It's to be used for the specialised industrial control the company does.

So I haven't been idle.

There are not more boards to design and of course get working, so who knows when I'll get back to ArdweeNET full time, but I'll hopefully be able to do some work on getting the ArdweeNODE boards up and running.