Monday, 10 December 2012

Well waddaya know?

You know that problem I had yesterday with the FIFOLVL register returning 0 no matter how many bytes there are in the FIFO?

Well it seems it's actually a bug in the chip. And there I was starting to doubt my brilliance, it shook my confidence to the core I don't mind telling you.

So now all is right with the world, NXP stuffed up not me, and my workaround will stand as the way to do this until further notice.


  1. I guess quite a sickening feeling to find out that there is a problem in the hardware that you can not change after spending many hours going over and over your own code thinking why doesn't this work. Yes, I would have thought such a bug would have been well documented and would stand out like you know what on any google search.

    Still, I guess it would be somewhat satisfying to know you have been able to create a work-around and can continue going forward.


    1. Hey Paul, you've changed animals :)

      Yes a couple of threads on forums basically said "it don't work", it's not confirmed by NXP and not in the chip's errata but it certainly seems to be the case that you cannot get a valid value from the FIFOLVL register.

      So NXP is guilty until proven innocent.